Understanding Multi-Cluster Topologies

You can use multi-cluster search across as many views on as many clusters as you want. However, there are restrictions around which connections you can create within a given multi-cluster view:

  • You can only connect to a single local repository.

  • You can connect to as many remote clusters as you want, but only once to each cluster for that repository.

To connect to multiple local views, say A, B, and C, you can create a single non-multi-cluster local view, say D, that searches across those three views. See Creating a Repository or View for more information on creating standard views.

Once the local view has been created, you can connect the multi-cluster view to D as its single local and that will effectively search across A, B, and C.

To connect to views on a remote cluster you will need to create connections to each remote repository for each view.

It is permitted for the remote view itself to be multi-cluster.