Inspecting Events

Event results can be inspected one by one — click an event from the main Event List pane, it will open the Inspection Panel at the bottom, which has three tabs:

  • Fields shows Name and Value of all the fields in the selected event. You can filter to see certain fields only by entering fields in the box, separated by comma.

  • Message shows the full, unaltered log message that was sent to LogScale. The full message is also available on all events in a special field called @rawstring.

  • JSON shows the log message in JSON format. It is the same visualization as when you choose the Field Data Types. Click on any field in this tab to get some contextual drill-down menus — they are described at Field Interactions.

Inspection Panel

Figure 55. Inspection Panel

The small icons next to each field name allows you to quickly access to filtering and groupby options.