What's Measured

Your data volume is logged in multiple repositories. You can use them to monitor how much data is ingested, to which repositories it went, and how much you're storing.

See LogScale Multiple-byte Units for more information on how multiple-byte numbers are represented.

Your contract is based on the volume of data ingested into the LogScale platform. You might see the following metrics in your order form:

  • Daily Ingest Capacity

    The volume of daily ingest is calculated by taking the average volume of data ingested into LogScale over any rolling 30-day period during your subscription term.

    See Measuring Data Ingest for further details on the measuring points and which data counts towards your license limit.

  • Total Daily Average Data Storage

    The volume of daily ingested data as measured when written on disk, before compression.

    Your order form might also mention this metric as "raw (uncompressed) data ingested by the product" and derive your usage of the license volume from this metric. You can measure it by querying in your humio-usage repository for segment_save.

  • Daily Search Capacity

    The average Daily Search Volume over any rolling 30-day period during the subscription term. The Daily Search Capacity limit is one-thousand times the licensed Daily Ingest Capacity specified in the contract.

  • Daily Search Volume

    This is calculated by totaling the amount of data searched over all queries in one calendar day. For example, if five queries are run over 100 gigabytes of data and two queries are run over a terabyte of data in one calendar day, the Daily Search Volume is (5 x 100) + (2 x 1,000) = 2500 GB — or 2.5 TB.

  • Retention Period

    This is the number of days ingested data will be retained in the product. The product retention period is usually 30 days unless otherwise agreed.


    Even if this value differs from 30 days the daily ingested capacity will still be averaged over 30 days.