A helper function to produce data compatible with the World Map widget. It takes either ip-addresses or lat/lon as input and buckets points using a geohashing algorithm.

Function Traits: Aggregate

ipstringoptional  The field containing the ip-address to look up geo-coordinates for.
latstringoptional  A field containing the latitude to use for geohash bucketing.
lonstringoptional  A field containing the longitude to use for geohash bucketing.
magnitudeAggregateoptionalcount(as=_count) A function used to calculate the magnitude (weight) of each bucket. This value is used to determine the size or opacity of the world map markers.
precisionnumberoptional4 The precision to use in the calculation of the embedded geohash. Usually 4 is fine for a full globe, 12 is for a small area of zoom.

worldMap() Examples

Plot ip-addresses on the world map. The magnitude is the number of observations in each bucket (the default).


Plot existing geo-coordinates (latitude/longitude) on the world map. The worldMap() function will automatically bucket the locations to reduce the number of points.

worldMap(lat=location.latitude, lon=location.longitude)

Plot ip addresses on the world map and use average latency as magnitude of the points.

worldMap(ip=myIpField, magnitude=avg(latency))