LogScale on Bare Metal - Individual Node Configuration

Each node in a LogScale bare metal installation will need to have certain configuration and system settings before LogScale is installed.


LogScale do not recommend installing LogScale and Kafka on the same nodes. This is not best practice for deployment. A containerised version of LogScale that includes LogScale and Kafka on the same host is available for the purposes of testing. For more information, see Container Deployment Using humio-single-node-demo (Testing Only).

When deploying each node in the LogScale cluster, consider the following parameters:

  • Supported operated system. LogScale recommends Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or later.

  • Network configuration and firewalls must be configured with the following ports:

    • Bi-directional TCP for port 22 for SSH so that a terminal and shell can connect and configure the different components.

    • Bi-directional TCP for port 8080 for communicating with LogScale through the API and UI

    • Bi-directional TCP for port 9092 for communicating to Kafka nodes

    • Optional, bi-directional TCP for port 9200 for communication with LogScale using the Elastic protocol

  • LogScale runs on Scala and needs a Java virtual machine to run. See Installing Java.