PDF Render Service

To support LogScale's Scheduled PDF Reporting service, a separate PDF Rendering container must be deployed that produces the reports. The PDF Render service is provided as a container that can be deployed using a suitable deployment environment such as Docker or Kubernetes. The service communicates with the LogScale cluster over the network, calling back to the LogScale cluster when a result is ready.

graph LR LS["LogScale"] PDF["PDF Render Service"] LS--Request PDF-->PDF PDF--PDF Report-->LS

The PDF Render service operates as follows:

  • Communication is by default on port 5123. This port must be open between all the nodes in the LogScale cluster and the PDF Render service.

  • LogScale sends requests to the PDF Render server when the PDF report schedule has been triggered.

  • The PDF Render service builds the PDF report and then sends the report back to the LogScale cluster for processing or reports any failure to complete the report.

  • The PDF Render service should remain running at all times. When not generating PDF reports the container will be idle and require few resources.

  • The PDF Render service requires SSL connectivity to and from the LogScale cluster.

Because the communication is required in both directions, please ensure that any network security or firewalls are opened for the configured port:

Port LogScale PDF Render Service
443 Default Listen Port for returning reports
5123 Requests to PDF Render Listener

The PDF Render service can be deployed either as a single service, or as mutiple nodes behind a load balancer to support larger volumes of PDF rendering.