Installing LogScale

When running LogScale on your own infrastructure there are a number of different methods and considerations to take into account. For background on how LogScale is typically deployed, see LogScale Physical Architecture.

Container Deployment

LogScale Kubernetes Reference Architecture

You should deploy LogScale with Kubernetes. This section explains the reference architecture for self-hosted deployment using Kubernetes, including detail on self-hosted, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments.

Container Deployment Using humio-core

For a basic container-based cluster deployment, including deployment of a Kafka cluster.

Container Deployment Using humio (Testing Only)

For development and testing, a single container with everything needed to run humio. Not supported for production deployments.

Bare-metal Deployment

System Requirements

Before installing LogScale in your own environment, you'll need to ensure that you have the supported system requirements (e.g., operating systems, Java).

Preparing for Installation

The linked page here explains how to prepare your operating system, including security, and disk and memory settings.

Installing Native Kafka

Installaing a Kafka cluster.

Installing LogScale

Installaing LogScale using self-installed Kafka cluster.