Description Disclaimer in every email to clarify alerts or scheduled searches are sent as LogScale actions

This value was formerly known as the ALERT_DISCLAIMER but has been renamed as it applies to both alerts and scheduled searches. The former value still works, but it is recommended to use this one instead.

For alerts or scheduled searches sent from LogScale Cloud accounts, a small disclaimer is included on top of every email to clarify that it is sent as a LogScale action.

For on-premise installations, you have the option to enable it by setting the EMAIL_ACTION_DISCLAIMER (or ALERT_DISCLAIMER) environment variable.

EMAIL_ACTION_DISCLAIMER=This email is sent due to a LogScale originated {triggerType} from the repository/view {viewName}

The {viewName} variable will be replaced by the name of the view or repository. The {triggerType} variable will be replaced by either "Alert" or "Scheduled Search" depending on which entity triggered the action.

The messages sent by actions use templates — see Message Templates and Variables for more information.