API Token Security Policies

LogScale supports a variety of different API tokens that can be used to access the system through the API. For more information on the range of tokens available and the different systems in which they are used, see Tokens in LogScale for more information.

Security policies for API tokens enable configuration of the following policies:

  • Enabling (allowing) support for API individual token types. This can be set to completely deny access for a given token type and prevent users from creating these API tokens.

  • Enforce a maximum token duration before expiry. When expiration is enabled, tokens will automatically be removed when the expiration time is reached.

  • Enforcing an IP filter, limiting the range of IP addresses wherein the token can be used.that can use the token.

  • Allow updating permissions for existing tokens.

Token Type Enable/Disable Token Expiration Updating Permissions IP Filter
Personal API Token Yes Yes N/A Yes
Repository and View API Token Yes Yes Yes Yes
Organization API Token Yes Yes Yes Yes