Authentication & Identity Providers

All LogScale Cloud customers must contact Support to configure their chosen identity provider (IdP). LogScale supports a number of IdPs which you may already be using within your existing infrastructure. LogScale supports having multiple IdPs configured on an account, though only one can be the "default" that leverages the IdP Signon URL.

Before configuring your IdP, LogScale needs to know the following information about the IdP:

  • Email Field Name

    LogScale uses email addresses for usernames. Confirm that your IdP will pass an email address. You must know the field name used for for your chosen IdP solution for the email address.

  • Group Field Name (Optional)

    LogScale can synchronize with your IdP groups to support role groups for accessing LogScale resources. The field name of that group where that information is stored will need to be shared with LogScale support.

    If group membership is enabled for the IdP used with LogScale, then if the Group name in LogScale is the same as the group name in that IDP, users will be mapped to that group automatically.

    For more information on how group synchronization works, see Group Synchronization.

  • Choose User Creation

    Users either must be created in LogScale before they can log in, or "just in time" provisioned on first login.

    To use this option, Support must have the required NameID to be used when creating the user.

  • IdP Signon URL

    When a user tries to access LogScale the authentication flow will start by redirecting the user to the sign-on page for the IdP where the user will authenticate. LogScale Support will to know the URL to your IdP service.

    Upon a successful authentication the user will be redirected back to LogScale where a LogScale-specific access token will be issued. For details about the flow see the Wikipedia article about Web Browser SSO Profiles.

  • Certificate

    You will need a copy of the public encryption certificate to use when communicating with your chosen IdP.

Specific IdP solutions may have additional requirements for information. Those details are provided in the list of supported IdP solutions below:

Please gather the above and contact Support, and they can work with you to setup your chosen IdP service.

Falcon LogScale and Falcon Long Term Repository

Falcon Long Term Repository (FLTR) customers are provisioned through the CrowdStrike Falcon IDP after they have been provisioned. Additional users can be added through the Falcon company account management.

LogScale organization owners can add LogScale users by creating the user and sharing the sign-up URL. Alternative authentication methods are supported but must be configured by LogScale Support; users will need to login via their configured IDP.

Please Contact Support for assistance.