Indications that a Query is Blocked

Queries are the primary interface to data in LogScale so it is important that you're aware of the limitations set by an administrator.

Within the Search interface, a warning message is shown, as shown in Figure 21, “Query Administration Blocked Query”.

Query Administration Blocked Query

Figure 21. Query Administration Blocked Query

Say for instance that we added the pattern /admin-[0-9]?/ to the global blocklist and then you submit a query for admin-1. We present a very detailed message in place of event data:

Failed to execute the query
There was an error while trying to start the query:
The query has been blocked in LogScale by an administrator.
The matched blocklist entry is: /admin-[0-9]/

This helps you know what has happened and how future queries my be impacted. If you are concerned with this blocklist entry, you may pass along the pattern to an administrator, making it easy to locate in the blocklist.