Usage Management

The Falcon LogScale usage model calculates the amount of data ingested in order to determine whether you're within the limits defined by your license agreement, or if you need to upgrade your license.

Below is a list of documentation pages related how usage is calculated and how you can manage it. Each is described and their headings are links to those pages.

What's Measured

Click on the link here to see the list of what's measured, with descriptions of each.

Measuring Data Ingest

The page linked here illustrates the flow of data into LogScale, as well as the various measurement points.

Optimizing Ingestion

To get the most out of your license, you may need to set your LogScale system to ingest only what's important — instead of everything. This page will give you some advice on how to do that.

Monitoring Usage

The best way to keep your usage under control is to monitor it. There are plenty of methods and tools to do that. They're explained on the linked here.