LogScale Cloud

This manual covers administering CrowdStrike-managed Cloud deployments of Falcon LogScale 1.143.0-1.147.0. That includes Falcon LogScale, Falcon Long Term Repository, and Falcon Complete LogScale.


Starting from version 1.134, sign up to Falcon LogScale Community Edition is no longer available for new users.

Initial Administration

Initially, you'll have to do a few things to use LogScale Cloud. First you'll have to open an account and configure it for your organization. You'll also want to put basic systems and procedures in place (e.g., backups). You should also add security and users. And more to the point of LogScale, you'll need to install software on your servers to send log data and metrics to your LogScale Cloud account. These steps are fully covered in the sections listed and described below:

Starting with LogScale Cloud

This first section tells you how to sign up for a LogScale Cloud account. Once you do that, you'll need to set up your organization in your LogScale account, add users, and maybe connect your account to an identify provider. These are all covered in this section.

LogScale Cloud Administration

Although CrowdStrike has all of the LogScale software installed and keeps it up to date for you, there are some administrative tasks — which are explained in this section — you will have to do initially, and procedures to put in place (e.g., backups, internal logging, and performance monitoring).

Configuring Security

As an administrator, you'll have to secure your LogScale cluster, configure security for your data, and add users and set up authentication methods for accessing your data in LogScale. These topics are all covered in this section.

Ingesting Data

As mentioned already, we at CrowdStrike take care of installing and maintaining the LogScale software on your cloud account. However, you have to install the needed software on your servers, and configure them to send data to LogScale. This section explains how to ingest data, which includes using log shippers and the LogScale Log Collector.

Managing & Using Data

Once you have a LogScale Cloud account and have it configured and ingesting data the way you want, you and the members of your organization will want to start accessing the data that LogScale is assembling. The sections related to managing and using that data are located in the Data Management & Analysis manual.