The updateSettings() GraphQL mutation is used to set flags for User Interface states and help messages. This field is not yet available. It's described here as a preview. This mutation is dictated by the needs of the LogScale User Interface, and may include unstable or ephemeral settings.

For more information on configuring all aspects of LogScale, see the Configuration Settings reference section.


Below is the syntax for the updateSettings() mutation field:

   isWelcomeMessageDismissed: boolean
   isGettingStartedMessageDismissed: boolean
   isCommunityMessageDismissed: boolean
   isPackageDocsMessageDismissed: boolean
   isEventListOrderedWithNewestAtBottom: boolean
   isFieldPanelOpenByDefault: boolean
   automaticallySearch: boolean
   uiTheme: UiTheme
   isDarkModeMessageDismissed: boolean
   isResizableQueryFieldMessageDismissed: boolean
): UserSettings!

Given and Returned Datatypes

The given datatype UiTheme is an enumerated list: Auto, Dark, or Light. The returned datatype UserSettings has its own parameters. Below is a list of them along with their datatypes and a description of each:

Table: UserSettings

isQuickStartCompletedbooleanyes Whether the quick start has been completed.
isCommunityMessageDismissedbooleanyes Whether the community message has been dismissed.
isGettingStartedMessageDismissedbooleanyes Whether the 'Getting Started' message has been dismissed.
isWelcomeMessageDismissedbooleanyes Whether the welcome message has been dismissed.
isEventListOrderedWithNewestAtBottombooleanyes Whether there is an event list, ordered with the newest at the bottom.
isPackageDocsMessageDismissedbooleanyes Whether the package documentation message has been dismissed.
isFieldPanelOpenByDefaultbooleanyes Whether the field panel is open by default.
isAutomaticSearchEnabledbooleanyes Whether the automatic search been enabled.
isDarkModeMessageDismissedbooleanyes Whether the dark-mode message has been dismissed.
uiThemeenumeratedyes The user interface theme choice: Auto, Dark, or Light.
starredDashboards[string]yes List of dashboards that have been marked with a star.
starredSearchDomains[string]yes List of searchdomains that have been marked with a star.
starredAlerts[string]yes List of alerts that have been marked with a star.
isResizableQueryFieldMessageDismissedbooleanyes Whether the resizable query field message has been dismissed.
featureAnnouncementsToShow[FeatureAnnouncement]yes List of feature announcements to show: FetchMoreOnFieldsPanel, ToolPanel, ResizeQueryField. The feature announcements are still being iterated.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.