The OrganizationAction enum includes various settings.

Table: OrganizationAction

AddFederatedViewbooleanyes Add a Federated View.
AdministerPermissionsbooleanyes Whether user may administer user permissions for the organization.
AdministerTokensbooleanyes Whether administer tokens for the organizaiton.
BlockQueriesbooleanyes Whether an organizaiton's queries are blocked.
ChangeEventForwardersbooleanyes Whether to allow changing of event forwarders.
ChangeExternalFunctionsbooleanyes Whether to allow changing of external functions.
ChangeFleetManagementbooleanyes Whether permit changes to Fleet management.
ChangeOrganizationSettingsbooleanyes Whether user may change an organization's settings.
ChangeReadOnlyDashboardFilterbooleanyes Whether user may change any of the organization's read-only dashboard filters.
ChangeSecurityPoliciesbooleanyes Whether user may make changes to security policies.
ChangeSessionsbooleanyes Whether user may make changes to an organization's sessions.
ChangeTriggersToRunAsOtherUsersbooleanyes Whether a user may change triggers to run as other users.
ConfigureIdpbooleanyes Whether user may configure identity provider settings.
ConfigureIPFiltersbooleanyes Whether user may configure IP filters.
CreateRepositorybooleanyes Whether user may create repositories in the organization's account.
CreateTrialRepositorybooleanyes Whether user may create a trial repository.
CreateUserbooleanyes Whether user may create other users in the organization.
CreateViewbooleanyes Whether users may create views.
DeleteRepositoryOrViewbooleanyes Whether users may delete repositories or views.
DownloadMacOsInstallerbooleanyes Whether users may download MacOS installer.
FleetManagementConfigTestEnabledbooleanyes Whether Fleet Management configuration tests are enabled.
ManageUsersbooleanyes Whether a user may manage users.
OrganizationQueryOwnershipEnabledbooleanyes Whether the organization query ownership is enabled.
QueryAssistantbooleanyes Whether users may user the query assistant.
SecurityPoliciesEnabledbooleanyes Whether security policies are enabled.
UseCustomEmailTemplatebooleanyes Whether to use a custom email template.
UsePersonalTokenbooleanyes Whether to allow the use of personal tokens.
UseRemoteConfigbooleanyes Whether to allow remote configuration.
ViewFalconDataConnectorUrlbooleanyes Whether users may view Falcon Data Connector URL.
ViewFleetManagementbooleanyes Whether users may view the Fleet Management.
ViewIpFiltersbooleanyes Whether users may view IP filters in use.
ViewLoginBridgebooleanyes Whether users may view the Login Bridge.
ViewRunningQueriesbooleanyes Whether users may view running queries.
ViewUsagebooleanyes Whether user may view usage of an organization.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.