The Group datatype includes various settings.

Table: Group

idstringyes The identifier of the group.
displayNamestringyes The display name of the group.
colorstring  The display color associated with the group.
descriptionRole  The role associated with the group (see Role Table).
viewPermissionsstring  Any view permissions assigned to the group.
searchDomainCountintegeryes The number of search domains for the group.
roles[SearchDomainRole]yes The roles for the group (see SearchDomainRole Table).
searchDomainRoles(searchDomainId: string): [SearchDomainRole]yes The search domain roles assigned to the group (see SearchDomainRole Table).
searchDomainRolesByName(searchDomainName: string!): SearchDomainRoleyes The search domain roles assigned to the group, by name. The searchDomainName is a string value, not a complex datatype (see SearchDomainRole Table).
systemRoles[GroupSystemRole]yes The system roles of the group (see GroupSystemRole Table).
organizationRoles[GroupOrganizationRole]yes The roles of the organization associated with the group (see GroupOrganizationRole Table).
queryPrefixes[QueryPrefixes]yes The query prefixes for the group (see QueryPrefixes Table).
userCountintegeryes The number of users that are part of the group.
users[User]yes The list of users in the group (see User Table).

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.