The addStarToDashboard() GraphQL mutation is used to add a star to a dashboard.

For more information on dashboards, see the Dashboards & Widgets documentation page.


Below is the syntax for the addStarToDashboard() mutation field:

       id: string!
    ): Dashboard!

Returned Datatypes

As indicated by the syntax above, this mutation will return data using the datatype, Dashboard. Below is a list of the parameters of that datatype:

Table: Dashboard

templateYamlstringyes A YAML formatted string that describes the dashboard. It does not contain links or permissions, and is safe to share and use for making copies of a dashboard.
displayNamestringyes The display name of the dashboard.
labels[string]yes Any labels associated with the dashboard.
widgets[Widget]yes Widgets for the dashboard (see Widget Table).
readOnlyTokens[DashboardLink]yes List of tokens used to access the dashboard without logging in. Useful for wall mounted dashboards or public dashboards. See DashboardLink Table.
filters[DashboardFilter]yes The filters used with the dashboard (see DashboardFilter Table).
parameters[DashboardParameter]yes List of dashboard parameters (see DashboardParameter Table).
updateFrequencyDashboardUpdateFrequencyTypeyes The frequency in which dashboard is updated. See the explanations under the DashboardParameter Table.
isStarredbooleanyes Whether the dashboard is marked with a star.
defaultFilterDashboardFilter  The default filter used with the dashboard (see DashboardFilter Table).
defaultSharedTimeStartstringyes The default shared starting time.
defaultSharedTimeEndstringyes The default shared ending time.
timeJumpSizeInMsinteger  The skip time in milliseconds for the dashboard.
defaultSharedTimeEnabledbooleanyes Whether the shared time by default is enabled.
searchDomainSearchDomainyes The search domain for the dashboard (see SearchDomain Table).
packagePackageInstallationyes The package, if there is one, in which the dashboard is included (see PackageInstallation Table).
idstringyes The unique identifier for the dashboard.
namestringyes The name of the dashboard.
descriptionstring  A description of the dashboard.
assetTypeAssetTypeyes The related asset type (see AssetType Table). This enumerated datatype has been deprecated and will be removed in version 1.136 of LogScale.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.

The Dashboard datatype itself uses standard datatypes within it (e.g., string, integer).

The DashboardUpdateFrequencyType, which is the frequency which the dashboard fetches new results for widgets, is fairly simple. It's syntax is like so:

DashboardUpdateFrequencyType = NeverDashboardUpdateFrequency | RealTimeDashboardUpdateFrequency

Each of the two possible types may be given like this:

DashboardUpdateFrequencyType = RealTimeDashboardUpdateFrequency{ name: string }

You would replace string with the value you want.