The LogCollector datatype includes various settings.

Table: LogCollector

idstring  If the collector is enrolled, this is its unique identifier.
hostnamestringyes The hostname.
systemstringyes The host system.
versionstringyes The version used.
lastActivitystringyes Last activity recorded
ingestLast24Hlongyes Ingest last twenty-four hours.
ipAddressstring  The IP address.
logSources[LogCollectorLogSource]yes The log sources.
machineIdstringyes The log collector machine identifier.
configNamestring  Contains the name of any manually assigned configuration.
configIdstring  Contains the unique identifier of any manually assigned configuration.
configurations[LogCollectorConfigInfo]yes The log collector configurations (see LogCollectorConfigInfo Table).
errorsstringyes Errors returned.
cfgTestIdstring  The configuration test identifier.
cpuAverage5Minfloat  CPU Average for five minutes.
memoryMax5Minlong  Maximum memory for five minutes.
diskMax5Minfloat  Disk usage for a maximum of five minutes.
changechanges  Any changes.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.