The OidcConfigurationInput input includes various settings.

Table: OidcConfigurationInput

namestringyes The name of the OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider.
clientIDstringyes The unique identifier of the client.
clientSecretstringyes The client's password or passphrase or the like for the identity provider.
issuerstringyes The OIDC issuer.
tokenEndpointAuthMethodstringyes The authentication method used to authenticate LogScale against the token endpoint. Can either be client_secret_basic or client_secret_post for placing the client id and secret in either basic auth or post data, respectively. Defaults to client_secret_basic, or client_secret_post if client_secret_basic is not supported as per the discovery endpoint.
authorizationEndpointstringyes A URL to the endpoint a user should be redirected to when authorizing. Required for clients.
tokenEndpointstring  A URL to the token endpoint used to exchange a authentication code to an access token. Required for clients.
userInfoEndpointstring  A URL to the user info endpoint used to retrieve user information from an access token. Required.
registrationEndpointstring  LogScale will use the OIDC endpoint (%OIDC_PROVIDER%/.well-known/openid-configuration) to configure missing parameters.
groupsClaimstring  The name of the claim to interpret as the groups in LogScale. The value in the claim must be an array of strings. Optional. Defaults to humio-groups.
JWKSEndpointstring  A URL to the JWKS endpoint for retrieving keys for validating tokens. Required.
domains[string]yes The domains for the OIDC authentication.
scopes[string]yes Comma-separated list of scopes to add in addition to the default requested scopes (openid, email, and profile). Optional.
userClaimstring = 'email'  The name of the claim to interpret as username in LogScale. The value in the claim must be a string. Defaults to humio-user. Can be set to email if using emails as usernames.
enableDebugbooleanyes Whether to enable debugging mode.
defaultIdpboolean  The default identity provider.
humioOwnedboolean  Whther this is a LogScale owned OIDC.
lazyCreateUsersboolean  Whether to create users at the last moment, and only when needed.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.