The SortField enum includes various settings.

Table: SortField

InitiatedBybooleanyes Whether to sort by which user or entity initiated.
Viewbooleanyes Whether to sort by view.
Agebooleanyes Whether to sort by age of events.
Statusbooleanyes Whether to sort by event status.
DeltaTotalMemoryAllocationbooleanyes Whether to sort by change in total memory allocation.
TotalMemoryAllocationbooleanyes Whether to sort by total memory allocation.
DeltaLiveCPUbooleanyes Whether to sort by change of live CPU.
TotalLiveCPUbooleanyes Whether to sort by total live CPU.
DeltaStaticCPUbooleanyes Whether to sort by change of static CPU.
TotalStaticCPUbooleanyes Whether to sort by total static CPU.
DeltaStaticCostbooleanyes Whether to sort by change of static cost.
DeltaLiveCostbooleanyes Whether to sort by change of live cost.
DeltaTotalCostbooleanyes Whether to sort by change of total cost.
StaticCostbooleanyes Whether to sort by change of total cost.
LiveCostbooleanyes Whether to sort by live cost.
TotalCostbooleanyes Whether to sort by total cost.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.