The DynamicConfig input includes various settings.

Table: DynamicConfig

BlockSignupbooleanyes Whether to block sign up.
DisableUserTrackingbooleanyes Whether to disable user tracking.
DisableAnalyticsJobbooleanyes Whether to disable analytic jobs.
MaxAccessTokenTTLbooleanyes Whether to use the maximum access token expiration.
RejectIngestOnParserExceedingFractionbooleanyes Whether to reject ingest on parsers exceeding fraction.
QueryPartitionAutoBalancebooleanyes Whether to automatically balance a query partition.
QueryCoordinatorMaxHeapFractionbooleanyes Does the query coordinator use maximum heap fraction.
PruneCommunityLockedOrganizationsAfterHoursbooleanyes Whether to prune community locked organizations after hours.
PruneMissingTOSAcceptanceOrganizationsAfterHoursbooleanyes Whether to prune missing terms of service acceptance by organizations after hours.
DisableViewWithSameNameCleanupbooleanyes Whether to disable view with the same name during clean-up.
MaxIngestRequestSizebooleanyes Is the maximum ingest request size set and used.
JoinDefaultLimitbooleanyes Whether the join default limit is set and used
JoinRowLimitbooleanyes Whether to limit the number of rows joined.
SelfJoinLimitbooleanyes Whether to permit a self-join limit.
StateRowLimitbooleanyes Whether to enforce a state row limit.
QueryMemoryLimitbooleanyes Whether to enforce a query memory limit.
LiveQueryMemoryLimitbooleanyes Whether to enforce a live query memory limit.
QueryCoordinatorMemoryLimitbooleanyes Whether the query coordinator has a memory limit.
GroupDefaultLimitbooleanyes Whether to use the group default limit.
GroupMaxLimitbooleanyes Whether to use the group max limit.
QueryResultRowCountLimitbooleanyes Whether to enforce the query result row count limit.
ParserThrottlingAllocationFactorbooleanyes Whether to use the parser throttling allocation factor.
UndersizedMergingRetentionPercentagebooleanyes Use the undersized merging retention percentage.
StaticQueryFractionOfCoresbooleanyes Whether to use the static query fraction of cores.
TargetMaxRateForDatasourcebooleanyes Whether to use the target maximum rate for the datasource.
SampleIntervalForDatasourceRatesbooleanyes Use a sample interval for datasource rates.
FdrMaxNodesPerFeedbooleanyes Whether to use the FDR maximum nodes per feed limit.
BucketStorageWriteVersionbooleanyes Whether bucket storage is a write version.
BucketStorageKeySchemeVersionbooleanyes Whether bucket storage key scheme version is used.
BucketStorageUploadInfrequentThresholdDaysbooleanyes Whether bucket storage upload infrequent threshold days setting is used.
MinimumHumioVersionbooleanyes Whether there is a minimum Falcoln LogScale version.
DebugAuditRequestTracebooleanyes Whether debugging audit request tracing is used.
FlushSegmentsAndGlobalOnShutdownbooleanyes Whether to flush segments and global on shutdown.
GracePeriodBeforeDeletingDeadEphemeralHostsMsbooleanyes Whether to a grace period in milliseconds before deleting dead ephemeral hosts is employed.
FdrS3FileSizeMaxbooleanyes Whether the maximum Federated S3 file size is used.
EnableDemoDatabooleanyes Whether to enable demo data.
MaxNumberOfOrganizationsbooleanyes Is the maximum number of organizations set and used.
NumberOfDaysToRemoveStaleOrganizationsAfterbooleanyes Is the number of days after which to remove stale organizations set and used.
IsAutomaticUpdateCheckingAllowedbooleanyes Is automatically updated checking allowed.
ExternalFunctionRequestResponseSizeLimitBytesbooleanyes Whether external function request response size limits in bytes is used.
ExternalFunctionRequestResponseEventCountLimitbooleanyes Whether external function request response event count limits is used.
ReplaceANSIEscapeCodesbooleanyes Whether to replace ANSI escape codes used.
DisableInconsistencyDetectionJobbooleanyes Should inconsistency detection jobs be disabled.
DeleteDuplicatedNameViewsAfterMergingbooleanyes Should duplicated name views be deleted after merging.
MaxQueryPenaltyCreditForBlockedQueriesFactorbooleanyes Is there a maximum query penalty credit for blocked queries.
IngestFeedAwsProcessingDownloadBufferSizebooleanyes Whether the AWS ingest feed processing download buffer size is set and used.
IngestFeedAwsProcessingEventBufferSizebooleanyes Whether the AWS ingest feed processing event buffer size is set and used.
IngestFeedAwsProcessingEventsPerBatchbooleanyes Whether the AWS ingest feed processing event per batch is set and used.
IngestFeedAwsDownloadMaxObjectSizebooleanyes Whether the AWS ingest feed download max object size is set and used.
IngestFeedGovernorGainPerCorebooleanyes Whether the ingest feed governor gain per core is set and used.
IngestFeedGovernorCycleDurationbooleanyes Whether the ingest feed governor cycle duration is set and used.
IngestFeedGovernorIngestDelayLowbooleanyes Whether the ingest feed governor ingest low delay is set and used.
IngestFeedGovernorIngestDelayHighbooleanyes Whether the ingest feed governor ingest high delay is set and used.
IngestFeedGovernorRateOverridebooleanyes Whether the ingest feed governor rate is overridden.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.