Data for updating an ingest feed which uses AWS S3 with SQS. The update is a delta update.

The UpdateAwsS3SqsIngestFeed datatype includes various settings.

Table: UpdateAwsS3SqsIngestFeed

repositoryNameRepoOrViewNameyes Name of the repository of the ingest feed. This is a scalar.
idstringyes The unique identifier of the ingest feed.
namestring  The name of the ingest feed.
descriptionUpdateIngestFeedDescription  If the description should be cleared, supply an UpdateDescription object with no value or a null value. If the description should be changed, supply an UpdateDescription object with the desired value.
parserstring  The unique identifier or name of the parser that should be used to parse the ingest feed. Parsers in packages can be referred to as "packagescope/packagename:parsername".
authenticationIngestFeedAwsAuthenticationInputyes How to authenticate to AWS. (see IngestFeedAwsAuthenticationInput Table).
sqsUrlstringyes The AWS SQS queue URL.
regionstringyes The AWS region in which to connect.
enabledbooleanyes Whether ingest from the ingest feed is enabled.
preprocessingIngestFeedPreprocessingInputyes The preprocessing to apply to an ingest feed before parsing (see IngestFeedPreprocessingInput Table).
compressionIngestFeedCompressionyes Compression scheme of the file (see IngestFeedCompression Table).

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.