The Package2 datatype includes various settings.

Table: Package2

idVersionedPackageSpecifieryes This is a scalar value.
scopePackageScopeyes This datatype is just a scalar.
namePackageNameyes The datatype for this parameter is just a scalar.
versionPackageVersionyes The version of the package. This is another scalar.
descriptionstring  A description of the package.
iconUrlUrlOrData  The URL for the icon to associate and display for the package. This is a scalar value.
authorPackageAuthoryes The name of the author of the package (see PackageAuthor Table).
contributors[PackageAuthor]yes The names of the contributors to the package (see PackageAuthor Table).
licenseUrlURLyes The URL for where the End-User License Agreement can be found.
minHumioVersionSemanticVersionyes The datatype for this parameter is just a scalar.
readmeMarkDown  The readme text to be displayed in markdown.
dashboardTemplates[DashboardTemplate]yes Dashboard templates for the package (see DashboardTemplate Table).
savedQueryTemplates[SavedQueryTemplate]yes Saved query templates for the package (see SavedQueryTemplate Table).
parserTemplates[ParserTemplate]yes Parser templates for the package (see ParserTemplate Table).
alertTemplatesAlertTemplateyes Alert templates for the package (see AlertTemplate Table).
filterAlertTemplates[FilterAlertTemplate]yes Filter alert templates for the package (see FilterAlertTemplate Table).
lookupFileTemplates[LookupFileTemplate]yes Lookup file templates for the package (see LookupFileTemplate Table).
actionTemplates[ActionTemplate]yes Action templates contained in the package (see ActionTemplate Table).
scheduledSearchTemplates[ScheduledSearchTemplate]yes Scheduled search templates included in the package (see ScheduledSearchTemplate Table).
viewInteractionTemplates[ViewInteractionTemplate]yes Views for interaction templates in the package (see ViewInteractionTemplate Table).
typePackageTypeyes It takes an enumerated list of values: application, or library.
versionsOnMarketplace[RegistryPackageVersionInfo]yes The available versions of the package on the marketplace (see RegistryPackageVersionInfo Table).

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.