The Alert datatype includes various settings.

Table: Alert

runAsUserUser  Identifier of user by which the alert is run (see User Table).
displayNamestringyes Name of the alert.
descriptionstringyes Description of alert.
queryStringstringyes LogScale query to execute.
queryStartstringyes Start of the relative time interval for the query.
throttleTimeMillislongyes Throttle time in milliseconds.
throttleFieldstring  Field on which to throttle alert.
timeOfLastTriggerlong  UNIX timestamp for when the alert was last triggered.
enabledbooleanyes Flag indicating whether the alert is enabled.
actionsstringyes List of identifiers for actions to fire on query result.
lastErrorstring  Last error encountered while running the alert.
labels[string]yes Labels attached to the alert.
isStarredbooleanyes Whether the calling user has starred the alert.
yamlTemplatestringyes A YAML formatted string that describes the alert.
packagePackageInstallation  A package installation (see PackageInstallation Table).
idstringyes The identifier of the alert.
namestringyes The name of the alert.
assetTypeAssetTypeyes The type of asset from an enumerated list (see AssetType Table). This enumerated datatype has been deprecated and will be removed in version 1.136 of LogScale.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.