The addStarToSearchDomain() GraphQL mutation is used to add a star to a repository or to a view.

For more information on searching repositories and views, see the Searching Data documentation page. For information on repositories, see the Repositories & Views documentation page. You may also want to look at the Repositories page for related information.


Below is the syntax for the addStarToSearchDomain() mutation field:

      name: string!
   ): SearchDomain!

Returned Datatypes

The mutation addStarToSearchDomain() returns data using the searchDomain() interface. Below is a list of parameters returned for this and a description of each:

Table: SearchDomain

action(id: string): Actionyes A saved action. Returns Action (see Action Table).
actionsActionyes A list of saved actions (see Action Table).
alert(id: string): Alertyes A saved alert. Returns Alert (see Alert Table).
alerts[Alert]yes Saved alerts (see Alert Table).
allowedViewActions[ViewAction]yes Returns the all actions the user is allowed to perform on the view (see ViewAction Table).
assets(assetType: AssetType): [Asset]yes Returns a list of assets. Filter asset type to limit the returned assets. Returns Asset. See AssetType and Asset Tables.
automaticSearchbooleanyes Whether to execute automatically the default search query.
availablePackagesAvailablePackagesyes Returns a list of available packages that can be installed. See SearchDomain-AvailablePackages Table.
dashboard(id: string): Dashboardyes The default or initial Dashboard to use (see Dashboard Table).
dashboards[Dashboard]yes All dashboards available on the view (see Dashboard Table).
defaultQuerySavedQueryyes The default query used for the search domain when none is selected (see SavedQuery Table).
deletedDatelong  The point in time the search domain was marked for deletion.
descriptionstring  A description of the search domain.
fileFieldSearchstringyes Field search string for files. Returns [DictionaryEntryType]. See the SearchDomainfileFieldSearch Table.
files[File]yes Files belonging to the search domain. See File Table.
groups[Group]yes Groups with assigned roles (see Group Table).
hasPackageInstalled(packageId: VersionedPackageSpecifier): booleanyes This is a scalar value.
idstringyes The unique identifier for the search domain.
installedPackages[PackageInstallation]yes List packages installed on a specific view or repository (see PackageInstallation Table).
isActionAllowed(action: ViewAction): booleanyes Check if the current user is allowed to perform the given action on the view.
isStarredbooleanyes Whether the search domain is highlighted with a star.
nameRepoOrViewNameyes The name of the search domain. The type, RepoOrViewName is a scalar.
package(packageId: VersionedPackageSpecifier!): RegistryPackageyes Returns a specific version of a package given a package version. This is a scalar value. However, it has been deprecated since September 3, 2021. This field returns a type with an interface that is being removed. Use instead package2.
packageV2(packageId: VersionedPackageSpecifier): Package2yes Returns a specific version of a package given a package version. This is a scalar value. Returns [Package2]. See the [Package2] table.
packageVersions(packageId: UnversionedPackageSpecifier): [RegistryPackageVersionInfo]yes The available versions of a package. This is a scalar. Preview: This may be moved to the Package2 object.
permanentlyDeletedAtlong  The point in time the search domain will not be restorable anymore.
permissionsViewPermissionsTypeyes See ViewPermissionsType Table. This has been deprecated since April 6, 20226. These are separate from actual permissions in LogScale. Use instead isActionAllowed.
queries[SavedQuery]yes Saved Queries stored on the entity (see SavedQuery Table). This has been deprecated since March 3, 2021. This field is duplicated. Use instead savedQueries.
recentQueriesJSONyes This parameter has been deprecated since April 23, 2021. It used internal JSON structure generated in the User Interface. Use instead recentQueriesV2.
recentQueriesV2[RecentQuery]yes All recent queries for the search domain (see RecentQuery Table).
savedQueries[SavedQuery]yes The saved queries (see SavedQuery Table).
savedQuery(id: string): SavedQueryyes A saved query. Returns SavedQuery (see SavedQuery Table).
scheduledSearch(id: string): ScheduledSearchyes A saved scheduled search. Returns ScheduledSearch (see ScheduledSearch Table).
scheduledSearches[ScheduledSearch]yes The scheduled searches to use with the search domain (see ScheduledSearch Table).
starredFields[string]yes All fields in the search domain to mark with a star.
tags[string]yes All tags from all datasources.
users[User]yes Users who have access to the search domain.
usersandgroups(search: string, skip: integer = n, limit: integer = n): UsersAndGroupsSearchResultSetyes Users and groups associated with the search domain. See SearchDomain-UsersAndGroups Table.
viewerQueryPrefixstringyes The query prefix prepended to each search in this domain.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.