The UpdateParserInput input includes various settings.

Table: UpdateParserInput

repositoryNamestring  The repository where the parser lives.
idstring  The unique identifier of the parser to update.
namestring  The name to use for the parser.
testData[string]yes Test events that can be parsed by the parser.
testCases[TestCaseInput]yes Allows parser to have more extensive test cases than the `testData` field allows. If both `testCases` and `testData` are passed in, then `testCases` is the one that is used.
sourceCodestring  The parser script that is executed for every incoming event.
tagFields[string]yes Any fields which the parser should convert to tags after an event is parsed.
fieldsToBeRemovedBeforeParsing[string]yes A list of fields that will be removed from the event before it's parsed. These fields will not be included when calculating usage.
languageVersionLanguageVersionEnumyes The version of the LogScale query language to use. The datatype, LanguageVersionEnum is an enumerated list: legacy, xdr1, or xdrdetects1.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.