The CreateScheduledSearch input includes various settings.

Table: CreateScheduledSearch

viewNamestringyes Name of the view of the scheduled search.
namestringyes Name of the scheduled search.
descriptionstringyes Description of the scheduled search.
queryStringstringyes LogScale query to execute.
queryStartstringyes Start of the relative time interval for the query.
queryEndbooleanyes End of the relative time interval for the query.
schedulestringyes Cron pattern describing the schedule to execute the query on.
timeZonestringyes Time zone of the schedule. Currently this field only supports UTC offsets like 'UTC', 'UTC-01' or 'UTC+12:45'.
backfillLimitintegeryes User-defined limit, which caps the number of missed searches to backfill, e.g. in the event of a shutdown.
enabledboolean = true  Flag indicating whether the scheduled search is enabled.
actions[string]yes List of Ids for actions to fire on query result.
labels[string]yes Labels attached to the scheduled search.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.