The ViewAction enum includes various settings.

Deprecated: 1.120

The ChangeTriggersAndAction enum value has been deprecated in LogScale version 1.120 and will be removed in version 1.136.

Table: ViewAction

ChangeConnectionsbooleanyes Whether the user is allowed to change connections.
ChangeUserAccessbooleanyes Whether the user has permission to change user access.
ChangeTriggersAndActionsbooleanyes Permission to administer alerts, scheduled searches and actions. (removed in 1.136)
ChangeTriggersbooleanyes Permission to administer alerts and scheduled searches.
ChangeActionsbooleanyes Permission to administer action.
ChangeViewOrRepositoryDescriptionbooleanyes Whether the user may change a view or repository description.
ChangeDashboardsbooleanyes Whether the user has permission to change dashboards.
ChangeDashboardReadonlyTokenbooleanyes Allow changing of dashboard read-only token.
ChangeFdrFeedsbooleanyes Whether the user can change Federated feeds.
ChangeDataspaceKindbooleanyes Whether the user can change the kind of dataspace.
ChangeFdrFeedControlsbooleanyes Whether the user may change Federated feed controls.
ReadFdrFeedsbooleanyes Whether the user may read Federated feeds.
ChangeIngestFeedsbooleanyes Whether to give permission to change ingest feeds.
ChangeInteractionsbooleanyes Whether to allow changing of interactions
ChangeFilesbooleanyes Whether to give permission to change files.
ChangeParsersbooleanyes Whether the user has permission to change parsers.
ChangeFieldsToBeRemovedBeforeParsingbooleanyes Allow change of fields to be removed before parsing.
ChangeSavedQueriesbooleanyes Whether to give permission to change saved queries.
ConnectViewbooleanyes Whether the user can connect a view.
ConnectMultiClusterViewbooleanyes Allow connection of multiple cluster views.
ChangeDataDeletionPermissionsbooleanyes Whether the user can change data deletion permissions.
ChangeRetentionbooleanyes Whether the user may change data retention for a repository.
ChangeTimeBasedRetentionbooleanyes Allow change of time-based data retention for a repository.
ChangeSizeBasedRetentionbooleanyes Allow change of size-based data retention for a repository.
ChangeDefaultSearchSettingsbooleanyes Whether the user can change the defaut search settings.
ChangeS3ArchivingSettingsbooleanyes Whether the user may change any S3 archiving settings.
DeleteDataSourcesbooleanyes Whether the user may delete data sources.
DeleteRepositoryOrViewbooleanyes Whether the user may delete a repository or a view.
DeleteEventsbooleanyes Whether the user may delete events in a repository.
ReadEventsbooleanyes Whether the user can see log events.
ReadExternalFunctionsbooleanyes Whether reading external functions is permitted.
ChangeIngestTokensbooleanyes Whether the user can replace ingest tokens with new ones.
ChangePackagesbooleanyes Whether the user has permission to change packages used.
EventForwardingbooleanyes Whether the user can administer event forwarding rules.
ChangeIngestListenersbooleanyes Whether the user has permission to change ingest listeners for a repository.
ChangePermissionTokensbooleanyes Whether the user can change permission tokens.
ChangeIngestBlockingbooleanyes Whether the user has permission to change ingest blocking, if any.
ChangeOrganizationOwnedQueriesbooleanyes If changing of organization owned queries is allowed.
ExportQueryResultsbooleanyes Allow export of query results.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.