Improve an Existing Package or Create a New Package

When considering building and sharing a new LogScale package it is important to evaluate if the package already exists; if it does then you should iterate the existing package rather than build a new one. The LogScale Marketplace will not accept duplicate packages or packages with substantial overlapping capability.


All Marketplace submissions are made under the Apache 2.0 license. In the event that a duplicate package is submitted, or significant overlap between packages is identified, LogScale may decide to combine the assets.

Some examples where an existing package should not be duplicated:

  • Apache httpd Web Server

  • AWS VPC Flow

If you did feel you had a unique package related to the functionality already included, a good question to ask is "would my new package be useful without the existing package", or "would the same group of people always be interested in both". If in doubt please get in touch with us on Slack. Sign up is at CrowdStrike Community.

For instance, as an nginx user, the humio/nginx package provides you with a collection of parsers, queries, and alert template that help you get started working with nginx logs.