Insights Package


The Insights is only available for Self-Hosted customers. It is installed and available against the humio repository by default.

Although the humio/insights can be installed on Cloud environments, the corresponding insights will not display.

LogScale comes with a built-in package, named humio/insights.

The package is a collection of dashboards and saved queries, which make it possible to monitor and observe a LogScale cluster. It is installed and available in the humio repository by default.

New versions of the package are published on the LogScale Marketplace. To update an existing installation or install the package in a new repository, go to SettingsMarketplace, select the humio/insights package and click Install. When running a LogScale cluster in production we highly recommend shipping the LogScale logs to another LogScale cluster and installing the humio/insights package there.

That way, should your cluster have issues, you have a functioning LogScale cluster to troubleshoot with. See the documentation on Log LogScale to LogScale. You can find documentation on how to use the package below, with instructions for each of the dashboards and widgets.