Configuring Ingest for Cloudflare Area 1 Logs

  1. Log into the Area 1 Console and navigate to the Area 1 Dashboard and navigate to the Settings page and click on the alert webhooks section:


    Figure 23. Webhooks

    Webhooks Settings

    Figure 24. Webhooks Settings

  2. Click New Webhook and click SIEM. On the drop-down menu select CrowdStrike.

    Add Webhook

    Figure 25. Add Webhook

  3. Paste your LogScale ingest token into the Auth Code section and the LogScale URL (for example: into the Target section. Click Publish Webhook.

    You should now see data flowing in to your LogScale Cloudflare Area 1 dashboard. Complete setup within Area 1 console: Area 1

    Area 1

    Figure 26. Hook Area 1