Referencing Package Assets

When referring to assets from packages in other areas of LogScale, for example, when referring to a parser when using the HTTP Event Collector (HEC), you must use a set format according to the asset type. The base form includes the package scope (i.e. typically the partner or company name) and packagename as defined in Understanding Package Scopes:

  • Parser

    To refer to a parser within the given repository just the name can be provided. To refer to the parser from a package installed into the repository, use the form PACKAGESCOPE/PACKAGENAME:PARSERNAME. For example, to use the apache_access within the apache/http-server package, use apache/http-server:apache_access.

  • Saved Search

    To refer to a saved search, use package scope and the name of saved search. For example within the Humio Insights package the cpuUsagePercent search used in the dashboard can be referred to using $humio/insights:cpuUsagePercent().