Humio Server 1.45.0 Preview (2022-06-28)

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Bug fixes and an updated dependency, released to cloud only.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Configuration

    • Adds a new metric for measuring the merge latency, which is defined as the latency between the last minisegment being written in a sequence with the same merge target, and those minisegments being merged. The metric name is segment-merge-latency-ms.

    • Adds a new logger job that logs the age of an unmerged miniSegment if the age exceeds the threshold set by the env variable MINI_SEGMENT_MAX_MERGE_DELAY_MS_BEFORE_WARNING. The default value of MINI_SEGMENT_MAX_MERGE_DELAY_MS_BEFORE_WARNING is 2 x MAX_HOURS_SEGMENT_OPEN. MAX_HOURS_SEGMENT_OPEN defaults to 24 hours. The error log produced looks like: Oldest unmerged miniSegment is older than the threshold thresholdMs={value} miniSegmentAgeMs={value} segment={value}.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • The Bar Chart widget now works with bucket query results.

    • The Pie Chart widget now uses the first column for the series as a fall back option.

    • Note widget:

      • Default background color is now Auto.

      • Introduced the text color configuration option.

  • Other

    • Bump the version of the Monaco code editor.

    • Added a log message with the maximum state size seen by the live part of live queries.

Bug Fixes

  • UI Changes

    • Websocket connections are now kept open when transitioning pages, and are used more efficiently for syntax highlighting.

    • Fix the dropdown menus closing too early on the home page.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • The Time Chart widget regression line is no longer affected by the interpolation setting.

  • Other

    • Make streaming queries search segments newest-to-oldest rather than oldest-to-newest. Streaming queries do not ensure the order of exported events anyway, and searching newest-to-oldest is more efficient.

    • Fix a bug causing digesters to continue digesting even if the local disk is full. The digester will now pause digesting and error log if this occurs.

    • Bump woodstox to address SNYK-JAVA-COMFASTERXMLWOODSTOX-2928754.

    • Some errors messages wrongly pointed to the beginning of the query.