Humio Server 1.60.0 Preview (2022-10-04)

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Bug fixes and updates.

New features and improvements

  • UI Changes

    • Contextual drill-down menus for field interactions have been introduced, see Field Interactions. In particular:

      • Fields in the Inspection Panel are now provided with Drill down and Copy context menu items, replacing the former + - GroupBy buttons, see updates at Inspecting Events.

      • The Fields Panel on the left-hand side of the User Interface is now provided with Drill down and Copy context menu items, replacing the former drill-down buttons in the field details flyout (when clicking a field in the fields menu). See updates at Displaying Fields.

      • Fields that have JSON, URL and Timestamps content will have a Parse drill-down option which will parse the field as a LogScale field.

        Parsing JSON will automatically use the field name as prefix for the new field name.

      • Fields containing numbers (currently JSON only) will have Sum, Max, Min, Max values, and Percentiles drill-down options.

  • GraphQL API

    • Added new createDashboardFromTemplateV2 mutation with input parameters aligned with the rest of the create from template mutations.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • JSON in Log Line and JSON formats columns in Event List widgets now have fields underlined on hover and are clickable. This allows drill-downs and copying values easily.

  • Other

    • New background task that runs at startup. It verifies the checksums present in local segment files, traversing the most recently updated segment files on the local disk, using the timestamps they have when Humio status. If a file has invalid checksum it will be renamed to crc-error.X where X is the ID of the segment. An error will be logged as well.

    • It's now possible to expand multiple bell notifications.

    • Use latest version of Java 17 in Docker images.

Fixed in this release

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • Fixed a bug where query result containing no valid results was handled incorrectly in visualisation.

  • Functions

    • Fixed an issue where NaN values could cause groupBy() queries to fail.