Humio Server 1.20.2 Stable (2021-02-11)

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Important Information about Upgrading

Beginning with version 1.17.0, if your current version of Humio is not directly able to upgrade to the new version, you will get an error if you attempt to start up the incompatible version. The 1.20.2 release is only compatible with Humio release 1.16.0 and newer. This means that you will have to ensure that you have upgraded at least to 1.16.0 before trying to upgrade to 1.20.2. In case you need to do a rollback, this can also only happen back to 1.16.0 or newer. Rolling directly back to an earlier release can result in data loss.

Fixed in this release

  • Functions

    • Fixed a bug in upper() and lower() functions which could cause its output to be corrupted (in cases where no characters had been changed).

  • Other

    • Fixed a bug that exporting a package with dashboard parameters would not set the correct name space for a saved query called in a parameter.

    • Fixed a bug that exporting a package using a saved query with spaces in the name would not export the correct name.

    • Fixed an issue where cloning a dashboard or parser would clone the wrong entity.

    • Query scheduling now tracks cost spent across queries for each user and tends to select next task so that users (rather than queries) each get a fair share of available CPU time.

    • Reduce triggering of auto completion in the query editor.

    • Fixed a bug in parseJson which resulted in failed JSON parsing if an object contained an empty key ("").

    • Fixed an issue where some parts of regexes did not shown in the parser editor.

    • Improve query cache hit rate by not starting queries locally when the preferred nodes are down, if the local node has just started — as there is a fair chance the preferred nodes will show up shortly too.

    • Handle inconsistencies in the global entities file gracefully rather than crashing.

    • Fixed a bug where fields panel was not scrollable in Safari.