Falcon LogScale 1.71.0 Preview (2023-01-03)

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Bug fixes and updates.


Items that have been deprecated and may be removed in a future release.

  • The query function holtwinters() is now deprecated and will be removed along with the release of future version 1.73; therefore, its usage in alerts is not recommended.


Changes that may occur or be required during an upgrade.

  • Packages

    • Optimizations in package handling require migration of data during upgrade. This migration is performed automatically. Please notice:

      • While the upgrade of cluster nodes are ongoing, we recommend you do not install or update any packages, as they may end up in an inconsistent state.

        If a package ends up in a bad state during migration, it can be fixed simply by reinstalling the package.

      • You will potentially experience that accessing the list of installed packages will fail, and creating new dashboards, alerts, parsers, etc. based on package templates will not work as intended.

        This should only happen during the cluster upgrade, and should resolve itself once the cluster is fully upgraded.

      • If the cluster nodes are downgraded, any packages installed or updated while running the new version will not work, and we therefore recommend uninstalling or downgrading those packages prior to downgrading the cluster nodes.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • UI Changes

    • Tabs on the Users page are renamed: former Groups and Permissions tab is now renamed to Permissions; former Details tab is now renamed to Information. In addition, the Permissions tab is now displayed first — it is also the tab that will be opened by default when navigating to a user from other places in the product. See Managing Users & Permissions for a description of roles and permissions in the UI.

  • Configuration

    • The ability to keep the same merge target across digest changes is reintroduced. This feature was reverted in an earlier release due to a discovered issue where mini segments for an active merge target could end up spread across hosts. As that issue has been fixed, mini segments should now be stored on the hosts running digest for the target.

    • New dynamic configuration FlushSegmentsAndGlobalOnShutdown. When set, and when USING_EPHEMERAL_DISKS is set to true, forces all in-progress segments to be closed and uploaded to bucket, and also forces a write (and upload) of global snapshot during shutdown. When not set, this avoids the extra work and thus time shutting down from flushing very recent segments, as those can then be resumed on next boot, assuming that next boot continues on the same Kafka epoch. The default is false, which allows faster shutdown.

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration

    • Fixed an issue where the IOC database could get out of sync. The IOC database will be re-downloaded upon upgrade, therefore IOCs won't be completely available for a while after the upgrade.