Falcon LogScale 1.75.0 Preview (2023-01-31)

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Bug fixes and updates.


Items that have been deprecated and may be removed in a future release.

  • The REST endpoint for testing actions has been deprecated. api/v1/repositories/repoId/alertnotifiers/actionId/test has been deprecated. The new GraphQL mutations should be used instead.


Changes that may occur or be required during an upgrade.

  • Other

    • Java upgraded to 17.0.6 in Docker containers

      Kafka upgraded to 3.3.2 for KAFKA-14379

      Kafka client upgraded to 3.3.2

      Kafka Docker container upgraded to 3.3.2

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • UI Changes

    • Introduced Search Interactions to add custom event list options for all users in a repository.

      For more information, see Event List Interactions.

    • The Search page now supports timezone picking e.g. +02:00 Copenhagen. The timezone will be set on the users' session and remembered between pages.

      For more information, see Setting Time Zone.

    • You can now set your preferred timezone under Manage your Account.

    • Suggestions in Search Box will show for certains function parameters like time formats.

    • Known field names are now shown as completion suggestions in Search Box while you type.

  • GraphQL API

    • GraphQL API mutations have been added for testing actions without having to save them first. The added mutations are:

      • testEmailAction

      • testHumioRepoAction

      • testOpsGenieAction

      • testPagerDutyAction

      • testSlackAction

      • testSlackPostMessageAction

      • testUploadFileAction

      • testVictorOpsAction

      • testWebhookAction

      The previous testAction mutation has been removed.

      The new GraphQL API mutations' signature is almost the same as the create mutation for the same action, except that test actions require event data and a trigger name, as the previous testAction mutation did.

      As a consequence, the Test button is now always enabled in the UI.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

  • Functions

    • default() now supports assigning the same value to multiple fields, by passing multiple field names to the field parameter.

    • selectLast() and groupBy() now use less state size, allowing for larger result sets.

    • The performance of in() is improved when matching with values that do not use the * wildcard.

Bug Fixes

  • UI Changes

    • Fixed an issue that made switching UI theme report an error and only take effect for the current session.

    • Fixed the UI as it were not showing an error when a query gets blocked due to query quota settings.

  • Automation and Alerts

  • Functions

    • Queries ending with tail() will no longer be rendered with infinite scroll.

  • Other

    • Fixed a failing require from MiniSegmentsAsTargetSegmentReader, causing queries to fail in very rare cases.

    • Unlimited waits for nodes to get in sync has been fixed. This caused digest coordination to fail, to limit the time allowed for a node to get "in sync" on a partition before leadership was assigned to it, in cases where the previous digest leader shut down gracefully.