Humio Server 1.44.0 Preview (2022-06-21)

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Bug fixes and an updated dependency, released to cloud only.


Items that have been removed as of this release.


  • The deprecated REST API for actions has been removed, except for the endpoint for testing an action.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • UI Changes

    • Toggle switches anywhere in the UI are now tabbable and can be accessed using the keyboard.

    • Improved keyboard accessibility for creating repositories and views.

  • Configuration

    • Default value of configuration variable S3_ARCHIVING_WORKERCOUNT raised from 1 to (vCPU/4).

    • Introduced new dynamic configuration flag JoinRowLimit. It can be set using GraphQL. The flag can be used as an alternative to the environment variable MAX_JOIN_LIMIT. If the join-row-limit flag is set, then its value will be used instead of MAX_JOIN_LIMIT. If it is not set, then MAX_JOIN_LIMIT will be used.

    • Introduced the new dynamic configuration QueryMemoryLimit. It can be set using GraphQL. The flag replaces the environment variable MAX_MEMORY_FOR_REDUCE, so if you have changed the value of MAX_MEMORY_FOR_REDUCE, please use QueryMemoryLimit now instead. See Limits & Standards for more details.

    • Added a link to humio-activity repository for debugging IDP configurations to the page for setting up the same.

    • Introduced the new dynamic configuration StateRowLimit. It can be set using GraphQL.

    • Added a new environment variable GROUPBY_DEFAULT_LIMIT which sets the default value for the limit parameter of groupBy(). See groupBy() documentation for details.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • Bar Chart widget:

      • The Y-axis can now start at smaller values than 1 for logarithmic scales, when the data contain small enough values.

      • It now has an Auto setting for the Input Data Format property, see Wide or Long Input Format for details.

      • Now works with bucket query results.

    • The dashboards page now displays the current cluster status.

    • Single Value widget:

      • Missing buckets are now shown as gaps on the sparkline.

      • Isolated data points are now visualised as dots on the sparkline.

    • The Normalize option for the World Map widget has been replaced by a third magnitude mode named None, which results in fixed size and opacity for all marks.

  • Log Collector

    • The Log Collector download page has been enabled for on-prem deployments.

  • Other

    • Adds a new metric for the temp disk usage. The metric name is temp-disk-usage-bytes and denotes how many bytes are used.

    • Added a log of the approximate query result size before transmission to the frontend, captured by the approximateResultBeforeSerialization key.

    • Add warning when a multitenancy user is changing data retention on an unlimited repository.

    • Improved performance of NDJSON format in S3 Archiving.

    • Adds a logger job for cluster management stats it log the stats every 2 minutes, which makes them searchable in Humio.

      The logs belong to the class c.h.c.ClusterManagementStatsLoggerJob, logs for all segments contains globalSegmentStats log about singular segments starts with segmentStats.

Bug Fixes

  • Security

    • Update Netty to address CVE-2022-24823.

    • Bump javax.el to address CVE-2021-28170.

  • Other

    • Fix a bug where changing a role for a user under a repository would trigger infinite network requests.

    • If a segment is deleted or otherwise disappears from global while Humio is attempting to upload it to bucket storage, the upload will now be dropped with an info-level log, rather than requeued with an error log.

    • Improve file path handling in DiskSpaceJob to eliminate edge cases where the job might not have been able to tell if a file was on primary or secondary storage.

    • Update org.json:json to address a vulnerability that could cause stack overflows.

    • Fix an issue causing the event forwarding feature to incorrectly reject topic names that contained a dash (-).

    • Fixed a bug where multiline comments weren't always highlighted correctly.