Humio Server 1.46.0 Preview (2022-07-05)

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Bug fixes and an updated dependency, released to cloud only.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • UI Changes

    • In lists of users, with user avatars containing user initials, the current user would sometimes appear to have an opening parenthesis as their last initial.

    • New styling of errors on search and dashboard pages.

  • GraphQL API

    • Improved error messaging of GraphQL queries and mutations for alerts, scheduled searches and actions in cases where a given repository or view cannot be found.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • Added empty states for all widget types that will be rendered when there are no results.

    • Sorting of Pie Chart widget categories, descending by value. Categories grouped as Others will always be last.

    • The widget legend column width is now based on the custom series title (if specified) instead of the original series name.

    • Introducing the Heatmap widget that visualizes aggregated data as a colorised grid.

    • Better handling of dashboard connections issues during restarts and upgrades.

  • Other

    • Fix a bug causing Humio's digest coordinator to allow nodes to take over digest without catching up to the current leader. This could cause the new leader to replay more data from Kafka than necessary.

    • When unregistering a node from a cluster, return a validation error if it is still alive. Hosts should be shut down before attempting to remove them from the cluster. This validation can be skipped using the same accept-data-loss parameter that also disables other validations for the unregistration endpoint.

    • Make a number of improvements to the digest partition coordinator. The coordinator now tries harder to avoid assigning digest to nodes that are not caught up on fetching segments from the other nodes. It also does a better job unassigning digest from dead nodes in edge cases.

    • Remove remains of default groups and roles. The concept was replaced with UserRoles.

Bug Fixes

  • Falcon Data Replicator

    • FDR Ingest will no longer fail on events that are larger than the maximum allowed event size. Instead, such messages will be truncated.

  • UI Changes

    • Intermediate network issues are not reported immediately as an error in the UI.

  • Configuration

    • Fixed a bug that could result in merging small ("undersized") segments even if the resulting segment would then have a wider than desired time span. The goal it to not produce segments that span more than the 10% of the retention setting for time for the repository. If no time-based retention is configured on the repository, then 3 times the value of configuration variable MAX_HOURS_SEGMENT_OPEN is applied as limit. For default settings, that results in 72 hours.

  • Functions

    • Fixed a bug where the writeJson() function would write any field starting with a case-insensitive inf or infinity prefix as a null value in the resulting JSON.

  • Other

    • Kafka upgrades to 3.2.0 in the Docker images and in the Humio dependencies.