Humio Server 1.10.1 Stable (2020-05-04)

VersionTypeRelease DateAvailabilityEnd of SupportSecurity UpdatesUpgrades FromJDK CompatibilityReq. Data MigrationConfig. Changes
1.10.1Stable2020-05-04Cloud, On-Prem2021-04-30No1.8.511NoNo
JAR ChecksumValue

Optimizations, Improved Humio Health Insights and Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Improved protocol within cluster for submitting queries to allow faster start of queries on huge repositories.

    • Thread pools have been reorganized to require fewer threads and threads have been given new names.

    • This release fixes a security issue. For more information see: Security Disclosures

    • Memory requirements set using -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize is much lower now. Suggested value is ((#vCpu+3)/4) GB.

    • New metric: "query-delta-cost": 30s delta cost on queries per repo, for the entire cluster.

    • New internal jobs logging system stats: Search for #type=humio | NonSensitive | groupby(kind) to see them.