Humio Server 1.1.27 Archive (2018-10-24)

VersionTypeRelease DateAvailabilityEnd of SupportSecurity UpdatesUpgrades FromJDK CompatibilityReq. Data MigrationConfig. Changes
1.1.27Archive2018-10-24Cloud, On-Prem2020-11-19No1.1.011NoNo
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Back-pressure on ingest overload and Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Pagination now works for tables on dashboards

    • The event list on the search page now correctly resets the widget when a new search is started

    • When too much data flows into Humio for Humio to keep up, apply back-pressure by responding statuscode 503 and header Retry-After: .0.

    • The max value of the y-axis of timecharts is now correctly updated on new results

    • Many changes internally to prepare for having more than one node in the "Digest rules" for fail-over handling of ingest traffic.