Humio Server 1.4.3 Archive (2019-02-21)

VersionTypeRelease DateAvailabilityEnd of SupportSecurity UpdatesUpgrades FromJDK CompatibilityReq. Data MigrationConfig. Changes
1.4.3Archive2019-02-21Cloud, On-Prem2020-11-19No1.3.211NoNo
JAR ChecksumValue

Improved restart of live queries.

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Restart live queries if their query prefixes change when using Role based authentication and access control (RBAC).

    • Remove migration from internal data formats older than what v1.3.x writes. Do not start this version without having upgraded to 1.3.2 or 1.4.x first.

    • Improved restart performance to better support restarting (or upgrading) the servers in a large cluster with large amounts of data.

    • Humio's UI is programmed in Elm and we upgraded to use Elm 0.19.

  • Configuration

    • NODE_ROLES with current options being "all" or "httponly". The latter allows the node to avoid spending cpu time on tasks that are irrelevant to a nodes that has never had any local segments files and that will never be any assigned segments either.