Falcon LogScale 1.93.0 Preview (2023-06-06)

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Bug fixes and updates.

Advanced Warning

The following items are due to change in a future release.

  • Installation and Deployment

    • Support for running on Java 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 will be removed by the end of September 2023.

New features and improvements

  • Automation and Alerts

    • The possibility to mark alerts and scheduled searches as favorites has been removed.

    • Improvements in the layout of Alerts and Scheduled Searches, which now have updated forms.

    • The Actions overview now has quick filters for showing only actions of specific types.

    • The Scheduled Searches overview now shows the status of scheduled searches with a colored dot to make it easy to spot failing scheduled searches.

    • Improvements in the Alerts and Scheduled Searches permissions, which are now renamed to Run on behalf of, and have a more clarifying help text.

    • The Alerts overview now has quick filters for showing only standard alerts or filter alerts. It also shows the status of alerts with a colored dot to make it easy to spot failing alerts.

  • GraphQL API

    • The semantics of the field SolitarySegmentSize on the ClusterNode datatype has changed from counting bytes that only exist on that node and which have been underreplicated for a while, to counting bytes that only exist on that node.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • Improved performance on the Search page, especially when events contain large JSON objects.

      A new limit of 49 series has been set when using the wide format data (one field per series) in the Scatter Chart Widget (the first field is always the x axis). No such limit applies to long format data (series defined by one groupby column).

  • Other

    • Parser timeouts have been changed to take thread time into account. This should make parsers more resilient to long Garbage Collector stalls.

      For more information, see Parser Timeout.

Fixed in this release

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • Labels of FixedList Parameter parameters values have been fixed, so that they default to the value instead of rendering empty string.

  • Functions

    • The format() has been fixed as the combination of the hexadecimal modifier combined with grouping would not always work.

Public Preview

  • Automation and Alerts

    • This release includes filter alerts in Public Preview. Filter alerts aim to replace existing alerts for use cases where the query does not contain any aggregates.

      Filter alerts:

      • Trigger on individual events and send notifications per event.

      • Guarantee at-least-once delivery of events to actions, within the limits described below.

      • Currently only support delays (ingest delays + delays in actions) of 1 hour and limit the number of notifications to 15 per minute per alert. Before going out of Public Preview, those limits will be raised.

      For more information, see Alerts.