Humio Server 1.15.0 Preview (2020-09-15)

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Improves ingest timestamps, field based throttling, the ability to configure better alert notifiers, Slack notifiers, etc.

Humio will set ingest timestamps on all events. This is set in the field named @ingesttimestamp. In later versions, Humio will also support specifying the search time interval using @ingesttimestamp when searching. This will support use cases where data is backfilled etc.

It is now possible to make an alert throttle based on a field, so that new values for the field trigger the alert, but already seen values do not until the throttle period has elapsed.

Notifier Logging to Humio Repository

It is now possible to configure an alert notifier that will log all events to a Humio repository.

It is now possible to use the Slack notifier to notify multiple slack channels at once.

In an email notifier, it is now possible to format the events as an HTML table using the new message template {events_html}.

Configure Notifier Not to use Internet Proxy

It is now possible to configure an alert notifier to not use the HTTP proxy configured in Humio.

We introduce new signup/login pages for social login and have split the behavior so users have to explicitly either login or signup.

When adding a user to Humio they will now by default get an email telling them that they have been invited to use Humio.

The AWS SDK Humio uses has been upgraded to v2. When configuring Humio bucket storage with Java system properties, the access key must now be in the aws.secretAccessKey property instead of the aws.secretKey property.

Configure Humio Not to use Internet Proxy for S3

It is now possible to configure Humio to not use the globally configured HTTP proxy for communcation with S3.

Auto-Balanced Partition Table Suggestions

When changing digest and storage partitions it is now possible to get auto-balanced suggestions based on node zone and replication factor settings (via ZONE, DIGEST_REPLICATION_FACTOR, STORAGE_REPLICATION_FACTOR configurations). See Configuration Settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Automation and Alerts

    • Alert notifiers can be configured to not use an HTTP proxy.

    • Field based throttling on alerts.

    • New alert notifier template {events_html} formatting events as an HTML table.

  • Other

    • S3 communication can be configured to not use an HTTP proxy.

    • Humio will set the field @ingesttimestamp on all events.

    • If automatically creating users upon login and syncing their groups from the authentication mechanims, the configuration ONLY_CREATE_USER_IF_SYNCED_GROUPS_HAVE_ACCESS now controls whether users should only be created if the synced groups have access to a repository or view. The default is false.

    • Upgraded to AWS SDK v2. When using Java system properties for configuring Humio bucket storage, use aws.secretAccessKey instead of aws.secretKey.

    • Newly added users will by default get an email.

    • New alert notifier type logging to a Humio repository.

    • Auto-balanced partition table suggestions. See ZONE, DIGEST_REPLICATION_FACTOR, STORAGE_REPLICATION_FACTOR in configuration. See Configuration Settings.

    • Improved error handling when a parser cannot be loaded. Before, this resulted in Humio returning an error to the log shipper. Now, data is ingested without being parsed, but marked with an error as described in Parser Errors.

    • CSV files can no longer contain unnamed columns and also trailing commas are disallowed. Queries based on such files will now fail with an error.

    • New explicit signup and login pages for social login.