Falcon LogScale 1.65.0 Preview (2022-11-15)

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Bug fixes and updates.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Security

    • The version of Jackson has been upgraded to address CVE-2022-42003 vulnerability.

  • UI Changes

    • The Repository icon has been changed to match the new look and feel.

    • A new UI for event forwarders located under Organisation Settings now allows you to configure your event forwarders. See Event Forwarders for details.

  • Automation and Alerts

    • Added a query editor warning (yellow wavy lines) for joins in alerts.

  • Configuration

    • Added a new dynamic configuration UndersizedMergingRetentionPercentage, with a default value of 20. This configuration value is used when selecting undersized segments to merge, this setting controls how wide a time span can be merged together.

      The setting is interpreted as a percentage of the repository's retention by time setting. A reasonable range is 0 through to 90.

  • Other

    • Docker images have been upgraded to Java 17.0.5.

    • Audit logging for s3 archiving which tracks when it is enabled, disabled, configured, and restarted.

    • Increased the limits for bucket. The maximum number of series has been raised from 50 to 500 and the maximum number of output events has been raised from 10,000 to 100,000.

    • Avoid writing some messages to global if we can tell up-front that the message is unnecessary.

    • Reduce the scope of a precondition for a particular write to global. This should reduce unnecessary transaction rejections when such writes are bulked together.

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration

    • Fix some issues with the workings of the BUCKET_STORAGE_MULTIPLE_ENDPOINTS and S3_STORAGE_ENDPOINT_BASE configurations.

      The intent of this configuration is to allow users to configure buckets in multiple bucket services, for instance to allow migrating from AWS bucket storage to a local S3 service. When true, each bucket in global can have a separate endpoint configuration, as defined in S3_STORAGE_ENDPOINT_BASE and similar configurations. This allows an existing cluster running against AWS S3 to begin uploading segments to an on-prem S3 by switching the endpoint base, while still keeping access to existing segments in AWS.

      When false (default), the endpoint base configuration is applied to all existing buckets on boot. This is intended for cases where the base URL needs to be changed for all bucket, for instance due to the introduction of a proxy.

      The issue was that we were not consistently looking up endpoint urls in global for the relevant bucket, but instead simply used whichever endpoint url happened to be defined in configuration at the time. This has been fixed.

  • Other

    • The SAML login to Humio using deeplinks now works correctly.

    • When a host is removed from global, a job tries to clean up any references to it from other places in global, such as segments. Fixed a bug in this job that meant it didn't clean up references on segments that were tombstoned but not yet gone from global. This issue could block cleanup of those segments.

    • Fixed a minor desynchronization issue related to idle datasources.

    • Fixed a bug where interaction context menus did not update the query editor in Safari.