Humio Server 1.58.0 Preview (2022-09-20)

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Bug fixes and updates.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • UI Changes

    • Humio is now a Falcon product. The Humio owl logo and icons are therefore replaced by beautiful falcons.

  • Functions

    • Improved the format():

      • Fixed an issue where the format() function would output the wrong amount of left padded zeros for decimal conversions.

      • Formatting large positive numbers as hex no longer causes a loss of bits for integers less than 2^63.

      • Formatting negative numbers as hex no longer produces unintelligible strings.

      • Fixed an issue where adding the # flag would not display the correct formatting string.

      • Fixed an issue where specifying the time/date modifier N would fail to parse.

      • Fixed an issue where supplying multiple fields required you to specify the index of the last field as an argument specifier.

      • Added a length specifier to allow for outputting fields as 32-bit integers instead of 64-bits.

      • Using the type specifier %F now tries to format the specified field as a floating point.

      See the format() reference documentation page for all the above mentioned updates on the supported formatting syntax.

  • Other

    • Add an additional validation check when uploading files to S3-like bucket storage. Humio will now perform a HEAD request for the file's final location in the bucket to verify that the upload succeeded.

    • Empty datasource directories will be now removed from the local file system while starting the server.

Bug Fixes

  • UI Changes

  • Other

    • Fix an issue causing a content-length check for bucket uploads to fail when encryption was enabled. The content-length check is not normally enabled, so this should only affect clusters that have disabled ETag-based validation.

    • Fix a regression introduced in 1.46.0 that can cause Humio to fail to properly replay data from Kafka when a node is restarted.