Humio Server 1.18.1 Stable (2020-12-17)

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Important Information about Upgrading

Beginning with version 1.17.0, if your current version of Humio is not directly able to upgrade to the new version, you will get an error if you attempt to start up the incompatible version. The 1.18.1 release is only compatible with Humio release 1.16.0 and newer. This means that you will have to ensure that you have upgraded to minimum 1.16.0 before trying to upgrade to 1.18.1. In case you need to do a rollback, this can also ONLY happen back to 1.16.0 or newer, rolling directly back to an earlier release can result in data loss.

Bug Fixes

  • Automation and Alerts

    • Fixes a bug where some valid repeating queries would not validate in alerts.

  • Other

    • Fixes a bug that would allow users with read access to be able to delete a file (#10133)

    • Improve handling of a node being missing from the cluster for a long time by letting other nodes handle the parts of the query that node would normally do.

    • Add non-sensitive logging that lists the versions of Humio running in the cluster. These logs can be found by searching the Humio debug log for "cluster_versions".

    • Improve performance of S3 archiving when many repositories have the feature enabled.

    • Fixes a bug where top([a,b], sum=f) ignored events where f was not a positive integer. Now it ignores negative and non-numerical input but rounds decimal numbers to integer value.

    • Fixes a bug where the to parameter to unit:convert would cause internal server errors instead of validation errors.

    • Add GraphQL mutation to update the runAsUser for a read only dashboard token.

    • Fixes a bug where queries with @timestamp=x where x was a timestamp with the current search interval could fail

    • Fixes a bug where a query would not start automatically when requesting to filter or group by a value.

    • Fixes a bug where the merge of mini segments could fail during sampling of input for compression.

    • Fixes a bug where the permissions check on editing a connection from a view to a repository allowed altering the search prefix of connections other than the one the user currently was allowed to edit.

    • Increase number of vCPUs used when parsing TCP ingest, twice the number of the 1.18.0 build.

    • Only install default Humio parser to the Humio view if it is missing. No longer overwriting local changes.