Humio Server 1.47.1 Preview (2022-07-12)

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Bug fixes and an updated dependency, released to cloud only.

New features and improvements

  • Falcon Data Replicator

    • FDR polling is now turned on by default. Whether FDR polling should be turned on or off on a node can be configured using the ENABLE_FDR_POLLING_ON_NODE configuration variable.

  • UI Changes

    • If Humio fails to start because the cluster is being upgraded, a dedicated message will show when launching the UI.

  • GraphQL API

    • Added preview fields isClusterBeingUpdated and minimumNodeVersion to the GraphQL Cluster object type.

    • Added a new dynamic configuration flag QueryResultRowCountLimit that globally limits how many results (events) a query can return. This flag can be set by administrators through GraphQL. See Limits & Standards for more details.

  • Configuration

    • Added a new dynamic configuration GroupDefaultLimit. This can be done through GraphQL. See Limits & Standards for details. If you've changed the value of MAX_STATE_LIMIT, we recommend that you also change GroupDefaultLimit and GroupMaxLimit to the same value for a seamless upgrade, see groupBy() for details.

    • Introduced new dynamic configuration LiveQueryMemoryLimit. It can be set using GraphQL. See Limits & Standards for details.

    • Introduced new dynamic configuration JoinRowLimit. It can be set using GraphQL and can be used as an alternative to the environment variable MAX_JOIN_LIMIT. If the JoinRowLimit is set, then its value will be used instead of MAX_JOIN_LIMIT. If it is not set, then MAX_JOIN_LIMIT will be used.

    • Introduced new dynamic configuration StateRowLimit. It can be set using GraphQL. See Limits & Standards for details.

    • New configurations BUCKET_STORAGE_SSE_COMPATIBLE that makes bucket storage not verify checksums of raw objects after uploading to an S3. This option is turned on automatically is KMS is enabled (see S3_STORAGE_KMS_KEY_ARN) but is available directly here for use with other S3 compatible providers where verfying even content length does not work.

      Mini segments usually get merged if their event timestamps span more than MAX_HOURS_SEGMENT_OPEN. Mini segments created as part of backfilling did not follow this rule, but will now get merged if their ingest timestamps span more than MAX_HOURS_SEGMENT_OPEN.

    • Introduced new dynamic configuration GroupMaxLimit. It can be set using GraphQL. See Limits & Standards for details.

    • Support for KMS on S3 bucket for Bucket Storage. Specify full ARN of the key. The key_id is persisted in the internal BucketEntity so that a later change of the ID of the key to use for uploads will make Humio still refer the old keyID when downloading files uploaded using the previous key. Setting a new value for the target key results in a fresh internal bucket entity to track which files used kms and which did not. For simplicity it is recommended to not mix KMS and non-KMS configurations on the same S3 bucket.

    • Introduced new dynamic configuration QueryMemoryLimit. It can be set using GraphQL. See also LiveQueryMemoryLimit for live queries. For more details, see Limits & Standards.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • Applied stylistic changes for the Inspect Panel used in Widget Editor.

    • Table widgets will now break lines for newline characters in columns.

  • Other

    • All users will not have access to the audit log or search all view by default anymore. Access can be granted with permissions.

    • The audit log system repository on Cloud has been replaced with a view, so that dashboards etc. can be created on top of audit log data.

    • Improved performance of validation of keys in tags.

    • The referrer meta tag for Humio has been changed from no-referrer to same-origin.

    • Compute next set of Prometheus metrics only in a single thread concurrently. If more requests arrive, then the next request gets the previous response.

    • Fix a bug that could cause Humio to spuriously log errors warning about segments not being merged for datasources doing backfilling.

Fixed in this release

  • Functions

    • Fixed a bug where using eval as an argument to a function would result in a confusing error message.

  • Other

    • Fix type in Unregisters node text on cluster admin UI.