Falcon LogScale 1.74.0 Preview (2023-01-24)

VersionTypeRelease DateAvailabilityEnd of SupportSecurity UpdatesUpgrades FromJDK CompatibilityReq. Data MigrationConfig. Changes
1.74.0Preview2023-01-24Cloud, On-Prem2024-02-28No1.44.011NoNo

Bug fixes and updates.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • UI Changes

    • Changes have been made for the three-dot menu (⋮) used for Field Interactions:

      • It is now available from the Fields Panel and the Inspection Panel, see Searching Data.

      • Keyboard navigation has been improved.

      • For field interactions with live queries, the Fields Panel flyout will now display a fixed list of top values, keeping the values from the point in time when the menu was opened.

  • Automation and Alerts

  • Configuration

  • Other

    • When creating a new group you now have to add the group and add permissions for it in the same multi step dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • UI Changes

    • Fixed an issue where the dashboard page would freeze when the value of a dashboard parameter was changed.

    • We have fixed tooltips in the query editor, which were hidden by other elements in the UI.

  • Configuration

  • Other

    • We have set a maximum number of events that we will parse under a single timeout so large batches are allowed to take longer. If you've seen parsers time out not because the parser is actually slow but because you were processing many events in a single batch, this change should cause that stop happening. Only parsers that are genuinely slow should now time out.