Falcon LogScale 1.64.0 Preview (2022-11-01)

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Bug fixes and updates.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Configuration

    • Added new dynamic configuration for MaxIngestRequestSize to allow limiting size of ingest requests after content-encoding has been applied. The default can be set using the new configuration variable MAX_INGEST_REQUEST_SIZE, or applied via the dynamic configuration.

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • It is now possible to specify a dashboard by name in the URL. It is also possible to have dashboard ID as a parameter in order to have permanent links.

  • Functions

    • Improved memory allocation for the query function split().

    • Removed the restriction that case and match expressions cannot be used in subqueries.

    • The query function split() now allows splitting arrays that contain arrays. For example, the event a[0][0]=1, a[1][0]=2 can now be split using split(a) produces two events: _index=0, a[0]=1' and '_index=1, a[0]=2.

    • The query function join() now provides information to optimize the query.

    • The query function in() has been improved w.r.t. performance when searching in tag fields.

  • Other

    • In the internal request log, include decoded size of the request body after content-encoding has been applied in new field decodedContentLength. This allows inspecting compression ratio of incoming requests and range of values seen. Requests without compression have contentLength in this new field too.

Bug Fixes

  • UI Changes

    • The Copy menu in the event Inspection Panel now copies text correctly again.

    • Fixed a bug where a disabled item in the main menu could be clicked on and which would redirect to the homepage.

  • Functions

  • Other

    • Fixed an issue that could cause merged segments to appear to be missing after a restart, due to the datasource going idle.